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South America’s epic Iguazu Falls roar down the Devil’s throat and deep into the heart of the earth, kissed on three sides by the proud nations of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

From the ubiquitous travel guide photographs and its firm foothold on the gringo trail (in spite being a 20-hour bus drive from both Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro with little of popular interest inbetween) I knew the site would be impressive. I had heard from fellow travellers about just how gigantic and breathtaking the falls were. But, you know, honestly, we’re talking about waterfalls, people. How impressive can they be?

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Nonetheless, finding myself in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina’s border town) with a few days to kill en route to Rio’s infamous Carnival celebrations, I thought “what the heck, I may as well check it out while I’m here.” (I know, I know, even I can’t believe I was so cavalier!) I’m glad I did because, to this day, Iguazu Falls remains one of the most magical, impressive, and totally powerful places I have ever visited.

The park itself was aswarm with thousands of buzzing tourists. Mighty distracting. Luckily, there were a few delicious moments where my gaze was uninterrupted by the hoards of people (like myself) snatching instants of beauty with their cameras and hoarding them for later. There were a few exquisite moments when I could hear nothing but the roar of the water crashing upon itself. In those moments I felt an energy so strong it pulsed up through me from my feet.

Iguazu holds a dizzying kind of power. That is the part that simply can’t be captured in any of the thousands of photos you may have seen, and that is the part that makes the park so memorable, the part that captures your heart and refuses to let go, even years later.

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