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A story about animals, you say? That will never sell!

I just read this fantastic article from the Book Examiner that Alexis Grant posted on her regular writers’ roundup.

Can you believe any publisher would be short-sighted and foolish enough to reject Nabokov, Borges, Proust, Orwell, and Kerouac? Well they did – many many times and with spectacularly crushing critiques. It is so great to read their rejections now that they are illuminated by the twin lights of success and hindsight. Classic.

If you are feeling despondent, worried you may never be published, or hurt by someone telling you your writing doesn’t cut the mustard, I recommend you read this article about 30 famous authors whose works were rejected by publishers. I guarantee you will feel better!


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I’m restarting my manuscript (again). *Sigh*

This is what happens – I start working on what I sometimes refer to, quite enigmatically (I like to think), as my writing “project” and all is going well, words a-pouring and such, and then BAM! I get to around 10,000 words and am suddenly and indubitably struck with the realisation that it’s just not right or, with perhaps more aggravation although somewhat less dishearteningly (it’s a word now people, let it go!), I have some revelation on a new way to structure the story and so, after mounting so many ladders with cheerful abandon, I find myself sliding wooooosh down the back of some hidden serpent and back to the beginning.

Is this normal? Is this just part of the creative process, allowing me to write the next knock-their-socks off literary gem? Or is it just a form of self-destructive procrastination? I feel as if I’m living a sort of literary Groundhog Day and I need help!

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