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To steal from the blogger I am about to mention, a successful blog should (generally) either be useful or entertaining. Alexis Grant’s blog, The Travelling Writer, is both successul and very useful. If you are at all interested in becoming a writer, and especially if you are writing your travel memoirs, Alexis’ blog will be invaluable.

Alexis in Timbuktu

Alexis was a journalist until she quit her job to go travelling alone in Africa. Now she’s back home and writing a book about her experience. Oh, and a blog about writing a book about it.

A very hard-working blogger, Alexis’ posts are both useful and insightful. She offers advise on the process of getting published and has heaps of great ideas about making social media work for you.

Some recent posts that I found particularly interesting were:
Blogging 101: a three part series on the if, why, and how of blogging for writers
Losing the play-by-play in your memoirs
– The weekly Writers’ Roundups never fail to point you in the direction of some interesting and useful advice from around the blogosphere and www
– Ask yourself: are you being honest on the page and with yourself?
– And, just for fun, let’s have a laugh with Google

Thanks for all your advice, Alexis, and good luck with your book!


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You know you'd have pretty sweet dreams sleeping under this Origami scene

A while back I posted my first blog crush. Perhaps it’s time to promote another rare treasure through the blogosphere.

My latest blog crush is Milk + Honey. The blog description says it all: because life should be overflowing with all things good and beautiful. What I love about Rachel’s blog is that it celebrates the beauty in the tiny details of life and the magic in the overlooked.

My favourite recent posts include:
– The confession of love for a stranger
– A celebration of the ancient art of origami, and
Remembering to breathe and relax


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I have an announcement to make and I will have to respectfully request that you all contain your excitement.

I finally have internet at home again. Woop!

Kevin had a dream, and so do I...

It has been a long, cold winter without any digital entertainment to amuse me and I am pretty excited to be back up and running. Given that it is a rainy winter’s evening (as are most of late) I am thrilled at the prospect of wiling the hours away, warming my fingertips on the keys and such… now I just have to wait for profound slash interesting slash mildly amusing thoughts to come to me… but I am an optimist and, taking Kevin Costner’s lead, believe that if you write it, they will come…

I have a feeling that a frenzy of posting may follow. Brace yourself people.

How has everyone been, by the way? It’s been a while.

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I’ve been writing a lot lately. A lot. I think having a blog is helping. Encouraging myself to write on a more regular basis was one of the reasons I started this blog and it seems to be working.

Blog City

For a while I was worried that having a blog would simply be a distraction from my “real” writing but I’m not really finding that to be the case. Quite the opposite, in fact. I should probably add “having a blog” to my recent list of things that inspire me to write.

Progress on my travel memoirs is slow but steady. I have set myself the goal of 500 words a day. It might not sound like much but I find that if the goal is much higher I get scared away and don’t even want to start. While it feels like chipping away at a huge block, the sculpture is starting to take shape and that feels great.

I spoke about making choices recently. I’ve made my current twist-a-plot decision and I start my new job on Monday. I hope that my recent writing momentum will continue once the 9-to-5 enters the equation once more.

How do others find the time to write around their full-time jobs? And does anyone else find that having a blog keeps them inspired to write regularly?

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