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This morning I was in the city and popping with joie de vivre. You know those movie scenes when the small town girl arrives at Paddington/Grand Central Station and steps out onto the platform all aglow and awestruck and then you get that beautiful spinning, arms outstretched shot? I was feeling like that and barely containing the spinning and the arm stretching. (On a side note, my life seems to be generously peppered with these awe-filled, joyous moments – do you guys get that too?) Anyhow, here I was standing at a traffic light uptown, glowing with happiness as I waited and eye-scooping every random thing in sight and labelling it beautiful, when I looked up at a bus that was out of service and the digital sign where they usually show the destination suddenly flashed at me “Have A Nice Day”. Now that is what I call a perfect moment.


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perfect moment #8

Getting up at the exact same time as you are used to but, instead of rushing around to get out the door in time for the bus and connecting ferry, having time to dawdle, sip coffee, work on your manuscript, email some friends, and walk to work. I love not having to commute anymore!

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Spending an entire Sunday driving around my hometown, hunting down High School friends to star in a special “you’re 30 and we love you” birthday video for a friend living (sort of) far away.

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It's always bloody night time!

I have rejoined the world of walking zombies – 9to5ers who come home from work so brain-dead they can achieve little more than shovel some food down their gobs and huddle under a blanket on the sofa watching mindless tele all night. Ok ok, it’s not all that bad, but I am seriously shaken by (a) the return to full-time employment after almost two months of “down time”, (b) the commute (an hour and a half each way!), and (c) the cold, harsh realities of winter after a blissful year and a half in the tropics.

So, to balance up all the perfection that I’ve been rabbiting on about of late, here are a few “imperfect moments” from my last week:

#1 – Leaving in the dark, getting home in the dark
#2 – Being the new (read dumb) kid at work
#3 – Dry-retching in public due to a head-busting migraine
#5 – Missing the ferry home by two minutes last night and having to wait an hour and a half in the winter dark until the next sailing
#6 – My internet connection at home failing, failing, failing
#7 – Flat hunting in a city filled with loonies

Alright, that is enough imperfection… I much prefer the happy stuff. Thanks for letting me rant.

Anyone else had some imperfect moments of late?

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The old-world beauty of hundred year old gravestones, mossy and damp, sleeping below the motorway overpass. Walking through the cool shadows of the cemetary you can feel the eyes of the ages inspecting you as you pass.

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Jogging through deserted suburban streets, pavement still shiny from the rain. The streetlamps have halos. Houses nothing more than faintly glowing blue rectangles of light hovering in the darkness. Slight slap of rain on my cheeks; and the sound of my breathing. One foot in front of the other and I will eventually be home.

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